Care & Cleaning Guide

Care & Cleaning Instructions

Home Laundry Care of Direct Transfer Prints & Screen Printed Garments

Transfer printed & Screen printed garments have a print that can last for years. However, it is recommended that you treat your garments with care to ensure the print quality.

  • Always wash your garments inside-out with a mild detergent

  • Use COLD WATER settings only in washing machines

  • Air dry the garments to retain the imprinting. DO NOT use a dryer as this type of drying will damage the print.

  • Drying in the sun...It is recommended to dry the garment inside out and avoid excessive heat from the sun as direct sunlight can damage the print

  • Iron your garments inside-out and avoid direct heat to the printed area. This helps maintain the structural integrity of the print.

  • Do not apply moisture or steam to your printed garment prior to ironing

  • Do not dry clean printed garments as damage will occur to print


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